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Afternoon Teas in Wakefield

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Delicious afternoon tea experiences #Wakefield

Posted 9th July 2016

Wakefield's Independent Spirit!

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Small independent businesses are very proud to be part of the Wakefield community. We hope you will visit and support your local businesses and help keep our High Street healthy!

Posted 22nd June 2016

10 Reasons to Live in Wakefield

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Wakefield has something for everyone and Manning Stainton has compiled this list to show you some of the great places you can enjoy when you move.

Posted 21st June 2015

Get Into Wakefield!

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Independently run places are proud to be part of the Wakefield community. We invite you to support your unique local businesses on Saturday 6th and beyond.

Posted 29th November 2014

What's that new thing on Wood Street?!

Eye Wood's neon installation

It all started with the flies back in May. We screen printed a load onto some paper and plastered every single window; all three floors at 12-14 Wood Street completely covered. Nobody had a clue what was going on. And then the flies came down on the ground floor, and Neon Workshops built our amazing window installation. Still, nobody had a clue what was happening.

On the 28th May, on the night of the last Artwalk, we opened our doors for the first time, and before long the place was buzzing....

Posted 26th June 2014

Unique buildings of Wakefield

Civic Quarter of Wakefield

Wakefield has a rich and varied architectural heritage, dating back hundreds of years. The city is home to a number of historic buildings that contribute to the unique character of the local area. Last year Yorkshire was named one of the top places to visit in 2014 and Wakefield’s collection of impressive architecture certainly adds to the appeal of the county as a whole. With this in mind we’ve taken a closer look at several of the city’s notable buildings, and what makes them so remarkable.

Posted 24th March 2014