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Wakefield's Independent Spirit!

22nd June 2016


Small independent businesses are very proud to be part of the Wakefield community. Unique Wakefield highlights some of the fab independent shops and businesses around Wakefield and encourages you to STEP INSIDE and discover them for yourself. With your support we can keep our High Street healthy.

We love places where you can slow down, take time for a chat, meet with friends and BE SOCIABLE. Where your custom is really appreciated. The local foodie stops, cafes, restaurants, markets, shops, salons and boutiques ...

We could go on AND WE WILL!

Whether you want to spend some quality time with friends and family or take some time out for yourself, Wakefield has lots to offer.

We are definitely not anti-big stores or online shopping, but we are in favour of keeping our High Streets healthy. We think this can only happen by changing habits, appreciating what is on our doorstep and spending a little more with local businesses rather than spending it out of the area.
Unique Wakefield is first and foremost about small local business. We are most definitely pro-Wakefield!


We believe it is people with PASSION who really make places come to life. People who care about what they sell. People like you who care about what they buy and where they shop ... and when we have a big DOLLOP of passion for where we live, something A-MAZING happens ~ our towns and cities will BUZZ.


To discover local places Unique Wakefield please connect with us online:

Unique. Interesting. Characterful.

Whether you are looking for everyday items, treats or need expert advice on finding something for a special occasion, shop locally to discover a variety of stores selling independent brands, bespoke personalised & handmade crafts, homeware, vintage, art supplies, sewing & knitting supplies, unique gifts and boutique fashion & jewellery.

Fresh. Local. Quality.

We all love to know where to buy freshly prepared quality food and local, seasonal ingredients. We feature independently owned foodie stops, cosy cafés and restaurants. They're often family-run and typically offer a friendly, intimate atmosphere along with fresh culinary delights and seasonal menus.

Smart. Stylish. Relaxing.

Wakefield has a reputation for it’s wide choice of smart, stylish salons and treatment rooms which offer a range of relaxing, pampering or therapeutic treatments. Many places also give expert professional advice on changing your look, offering unique experiences and packages.


Many places also run arts, cultural or other events for local people to come together and enjoy.

This year has seen places host Clandestine Cake Club meetings, poetry readings, the Artwalk, knit & natter sessions, wine tasting evenings, pudding clubs, live music, food & drink festivals and more!

So why not 'Get Into Wakefield' & 'Step Inside' independent places.

All are welcome!


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